You will enter the secret chambers of the most powerful magic club in the world. All thirteen Club wizards disappeared overnight after an irreconcilable conflict. There is talk of a rift in the wizarding world over the future of the magical world and the use of advanced magic against humans.

You are faced with a complex task and an even more complex choice: will you help those who know that only by applying advanced magic can the world of magic be saved from humans or will you contribute to the final victory of wizards who know that war with humans can bring nothing good to the wizarding world.

You have 88 minutes. People have already found out about the secret rooms of the Club and they are coming to seal them. 

A room that will enchant you. Literally.

Even if you don’t like magic, and neither does the escape room.


... the most beautiful klickER room! You will be trapped in the world of magic - in space and story.

very challenging.

... a lot of magic, a lot of brainstorming, a lot of work. Quite a demanding game.


... to get out of the enchanted room, you need - spells.

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