Dizziness and pain in the arms, shoulders and neck are commonplace for many. You are not alone. Sitting in front of a computer most of the day, weak muscles due to lack of physical activity, deadlines, pressure and obligations that literally "climb on your head"… You may not have reason to worry, but a routine visit to a neurologist will not hurt you…

And what could go wrong with a completely routine neurological examination? ALL. You have 77 min. to escape from a place from which no one has returned the same. Try to discover a conspiracy that goes beyond the framework of the craziest conspiracy theories.

A game that will drive you crazy to the last neuron.

A room you will really want to escape from.


... the most uncomfortable klickER room! Everything in the room will work against you.

very complex.

... we would say it has the most complex puzzles of all our games.


... confusing, nervous, dark. And darkness is not just the absence of light.

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