poker: all or nothing


poker: all or nothing is a continuation of the story in the hitherto favorite klickER room, where you will find out what is behind the screen of a very ordinary poker game and who is the next victim of the secret program "Happiness and Pleasure". 

Safe and without a bad experience, you easily and without much dilemma agreed to play one or two such ordinary poker games with the company in a very decent part of the city. A completely non-domestic welcome will not be the only surprise that will catch you. It will be too late for you to realize that you would multiply the bet you gave to enter just to get out of that place. But your money is not what you are trapped for, nor what can buy you freedom. You will have to win freedom.

Your bluff will not help you in this game. Neither will your luck.

You don't even have to know how to play poker.


... the most comfortable klickER room! Nothing will bother you in solving the puzzles.


... players say it's our simplest game. We would never say that.


... if you (when) you played our other games, you know what we mean.

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