The shortest, but by no means the sweetest klickER game will take you through the modern version of the Banja Luka treasonous process. The game is inspired by real historical events, but it has no intention of documentary, nor the imperative of authenticity, so that should not be expected from the game. Even if it is not just nonsense intended only for entertainment, in its best light it is a reminder of a significant process and a satire of some ancient, but also every time since then.

Justice, in any case, is slow and unattainable, and you have 55 minutes to release the sixteen liberators sentenced to death.

pRocEs is also the first klickER game in which you will not meet the game manager until you finish it. You will receive instructions for entering and leaving the room before and during the game.

A game in which nothing is fair. But it’s all really fun.

You don’t have to have legal skills. Nor a sense of justice and morality.


... no extra difficulty to play, no distracting details.

very challenging.

... puzzles are the easier part of the job. And they are by no means simple.

very frivolous.

... inspired by serious history, but not at all authentic and serious.

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