your klickER game


Your most important 180+ min.

Especially convenient for celebrations

Provide friends, family or partners with a completely personalized adventure at the location you want and according to the instructions of your common memories, plans and imagination. An opportunity can be a birthday, anniversary, an offer. If you need an occasion at all.

The most fun business challenge

Especially convenient for firms

You want to organize a unique, outstanding and really useful team building? klickER can offer a completely specialized game in accordance with the activity, challenges of human resources and corporate culture of your company. Duration, location, number of participants and all other details are questions of your needs and our agreement.


Private entertainment on occasion or without occasion, organizational socializing with an agenda or a relaxed atmosphere ... You choose a topic that is close to your lifestyle, characters, hobbies, activities of your company or simply your interests.


We suggest a game scenario according to the theme you choose. You choose whether you want a game with a focus on complex logic analog puzzles, a game based on a common mission, a high-tech experience, or all together. You also choose the number of puzzles, duration and complexity of the game.

number of players.

The number of players can be from 2 to ... depending on the wishes and possibilities. All players can be committed to the same goal in the game. They can also be divided into teams, which solve individual tasks and work together on the final mission; or in teams competing with each other.


... anywhere you choose. In your apartment, house, business space, in an outdoor location, in a special place ...

date and time.

... whenever you choose. The date and time depend on your wishes and your requirements regarding the technical and logistical complexity of the game.


... the budget prioritizes your capabilities and desires regarding the logistical (location, number of players), and technical requirements of the game.