questions and answers

What is an escape room?

Escape room is a real-world game in which players have to discover directions, solve puzzles and find a way out of the limited space in which they are confined.

Are we locked in a room?

Yes. And in every game there are two ways to get out: one is to finish the game and find a way to get out of the room; the other is for the game manager to open the door for you the moment you say you are giving up or when your allotted time is up.
Of course, at any time. But once you get out, you can’t go back to the same game.
klickER games last from 66 to 222 minutes (duration depends on the game you choose). In addition, you should arrive 20 minutes before the game to explain the rules and to prepare for the game. Also, count on losing at least 10 minutes after the game while we take photos and collect impressions.
Brain. You certainly can't bring anything into the rooms except yourself.
You can also play fully groomed for going out, as our games are not particularly physically demanding. The best recommendation though is comfortable shoes and clothes. Costumes in keeping with the theme are absolutely welcome. 😉
You will remain locked forever. 🙂 We're kidding. The game leader can help you solve some puzzles, if you wish.
It's safe. There is nothing in our rooms that could hurt you if you use the rooms and everything in them in accordance with common sense and clear instructions. Also, the game manager sees and hears you all the time, and can react in a second if anything unforeseen happens (for example, aliens actually appear or similar).
All klickER games are in Serbian and English.
Not. All regular dates in klickER games are closed - you only play with the team you came with.
klickER games are designed and made for adults. However, children also play them. Kids older than 13 can play independently, while with the younger one there must be someone older in the room. Players under the age of 18 can only play if their parents / guardians have signed a game consent.
Can. But it's not interesting. We will always advise you not to repeat the game, but if you insist, we will play again.