Want your Escape Room?

... klickER can help you.

We don't need to convince you how much it is escape room great job, because obviously you’ve already chosen. 🙂

klickER Escape Room offers you help in realizing your escape room fantasies. We can help you every step of the way: in preparing to start a business, business planning, creating a brand, creating a visual identity and communication guidelines for your new escape room, in the field of marketing and advertising, social networking and direct communication with potential and later existing players, in arranging space, game scenarios, creating puzzles, making predictions, logic, mechanics, electricity, making and processing walls, painting, painting, training for running games…

We did everything ourselves in our rooms. And it wasn’t easy, but it turned out to be really good.

Opportunities for cooperation are various - from consulting to franchising, including everything in between, and all depending on what you need and what you want. We are ready to help you. 😉

we do everything.
We build, rebuild ...
we build.
... smoothing, painting.
we master.
We grind, fix, redo.
we paint.
We paint, paint, decorate.
we think.
We design identity, brand, games, communication ...
we play the most ...
... toys we make. 🙂

Why would you cooperate with us?

... When we successfully open your escape room, you will see that there are many reasons. These are the most important ...

we learn from our mistakes.

... first we decide for ourselves how something should be, and only then we ask for help. You don't have to either.

we think outside the box.

... we are looking for the best solutions to the task and challenge. We rarely follow instructions because “that’s how everyone works”.

we think in the box too.

... we can think and work both in the face of the greatest challenges and in the worst conditions.

we make more than an escape room.

... our players love our games, our team and our brand. Obviously we are doing something good.

we value time and money.

... both ours and others'. And that's why we can help you not spend more than you have to.

we are a little shifted.

... above all we like to play the most. Working with us can also be fun.

Interested in cooperation?

Or do you need advice? Write us...

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